Mental Health Awareness by F. Jacobs

After spending 35 years on this earth, with 17 of these current years incarcerated, I’ve discovered that my mental and emotional heath are just as important as my physical health. Being that October is Mental Health Awareness Month, I will raise the awareness of the importance of mental and emotional health/wellness, to the best of my ability and knowledge and to as many readers as possible.

I strive to present positive, productive, and progressive coping methods for the various forms of mental and behavioral disorders. This is my caveat, for I am neither expert, nor have I been formerly educated on this subject. However, the time to take action is overdue in the quest of being more proactive in our communities, families and work places. Step one is to identify the problem while Step two is to discover the solution. Collectively we can make steps one and tow much easier.

Things to Consider: Emotions and Our Mental States

People with good emotional health can still be plagued with emotional problems or

Mental Health and Awareness by Floyd Jacobs
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mental illness. Often, mental illness has a physical cause. There could be a chemical imbalance in the brain. Problems with family, stress, work, or school can trigger mental illness or make it worse. If you know someone who may need help coping with a mental illness and may not even know they are mentally ill or if you, yourself, is struggling with emotional and mental issues then consider these things and please be proactive (and not reactive) in your treatment.

Our emotions are the direct product of our mental state. Paying close attention to our health and treating threats to our physical well being is no different from when we sustain psychological injuries. If you are more proactive with protecting your physical well-being and neglect your psychological well-being you might probably experience a gradual decline in your mental and emotional health.

Talking about the upkeep of ones mental health may sound like a foreign language; however, the professional experts say that maintaining ones mental well-being is rather simple and easy; just choose to do it! The choice is yours to make a difference in a positive way.

written by:
F. Jacobs AKA Bumani SankofAllah, The Prudent Pauper

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