Prisoners Favorite Books and Authors

by Norris J. Brown
copyright 2016

Being an aspiring writer/poet, I was asked by my mentor to conduct a survey on avid book readers (in this prison, where I’m currently incarcerated) to get an idea of what readers here generally gravitate towards when picking books.

From the information compiled from nearly 100 inmates out of a total population of nearly 500, I concluded that even in a prison with a small population, there is a wide variety of books that inmates prefer reading.

I would like to disclose that this survey was conducted in a male prison; so women please understand that these statistics reflect views and opinions of your not-so-better halves. This survey can give a general idea of what men in prison like to read and look for in books.

Please, be informed and enjoy.

I remain
Mr. Norris J Brown
AKA Blakk Dynamite





Favorite Authors
Eric Jerome Dickey    
Stuart Woods          
Sister Soulja 

Favorite Books
Midnight by Sister Soulja
Standing At The Scratch Line by Guy Johnson
Alex Cross Series by James Patterson

Favorite Genres
Hood/Street Lit/Urban

Reasons We Like These Genres:
Most inmates choose books that they can relate to.
The second most popular reason for choosing a book was the level of action.


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