Supporting loved ones who are incarcerated…..

Ways to Support Loved Ones In Prison
SupportBy Drako Sullivan

Doing time is not an easy task for anyone or their family. There is no fixed method or manual for being incarcerated. Learning comes from experience, like on the job training. Being locked up is a very stressful situation and a strain on a person’s marriage and relationships with friends and family. For many, incarceration is the number one reason that led to their broken home. Doing time is very hard but it doesn’t have to be “hard time”. Here are some tips to help you be supportive of a loved one who is incarcerated, and some more you can share with them so that they can be supportive to you.

Tips for supporting the incarcerated.
1. Send Pictures:
Pictures of family, pets, or special occasions always brighten
up a day. It is a perfect way to help someone that is locked
down feel connected.

Tips for the loved one incarcerated.
Send pictures so your friends and family can see that you are
doing alright. It may not be a happy moment but do your best
to smile.

Tips for supporting the incarcerated.
2. Greeting Cards:
When nothing else can, a card always put a smile on an inmate’s
face. It may be an economical way to show you care and that
your loved one has not been forgotten.

Tips for the loved one incarcerated.
It is always good to get a card right? So reciprocate; send your
family and friends cards to show that you are thinking of them.
You have to send before you can expect to receive.

Tips for supporting the incarcerated.
3. Visitation:
There are no better days in prison than visitation days. It
provides a chance to escape and feel connected to the out-
side world. So try to visit as much as you can.
Be sure to know all the rules and regulations before visiting.

Tips for the loved one incarcerated.
Be understanding and patient with your family when it comes
to visits. Trips can be costly and time consuming so help them
plan ahead and try to find other inmates from your area so your
families can travel together to help with cost.(car pooling)

Tips for supporting the incarcerated.
4. Sending Money:
If you are able, try to send money to those doing time. It
is a good feeling to have some type of financial independence
in prison. There are a few methods of send money. Money
orders, Western Union and Money Gram. Check with your loved
one for the type that is best for their institution.

Tips for the loved one incarcerated.
Be mindful of how you spend the money that is sent to you.
SPEND IT WISELY! Don’t abuse it and budget to make the
most of it. Your family work for hard-earn cash.