Alone by Brian Calloway


Alone- a poem by Brian Calloway
Copyright@2016 Brian Calloway




Its like I’m in the world alone, the capacity of one.
Trapped within myself, no where to hide, no where to run.

I wish I had a friend, to comfort my pain.
I cover my eyes, to hide the tears, I’m filled with so much shame.

My thoughts, they go untold, no one to hear my voice.
This journey through life was destined for me, I didn’t have a choice.

I am a novel of importance, without a page being read.
A perfectly painted portrait, with no words to be said.

Empty space of loneliness, it tears my world apart.
How can I lift this heavy burden from resting on my heart?

If what, I feel is a sickness, I need to find a care.
To be lonely as a state of mind, is too much for one to endure.

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