Greetings! Welcome to Cry Redemption, an Online literary magazine featuring creative writing from incarcerated men and women. The poetry, short stories and essays posted here were created by inmates (and former inmates) as forms of expressing the individual’s thoughts, ideas, beliefs and emotions in positive, productive ways. The writer holds copyrights to his or her individual work; therefore, all rights are reserved to the writer of any selected works.

Explore news from prison which basically focuses on “prisoners’ issues.” Read poetry and short stories by prison writers expressing the whole gamut of dramatic emotion. ¬†Essays are prisoner commentaries, views, and perceptions about life in general and things that affect the individual writer specifically.

Cry Redemption upholds the understanding that prison can be transformative and that many great leaders, at one time or another, spent time locked down in prisons and jails- (Christ, Ghandi, Malcom X, Mandela, Rev Dr. King to name a few.) Creative writing is an art, a craft, which also can be transformative, if it is honed and practiced over time. Incarcerated writers have in their possession one valuable resource other writers wish for more….time.

Use it wisely!

2 thoughts on “Home”

  1. Hello! If you have anything else on Drako Sullivan’s writings I would like to read and purchase.

    I knew him from back in the day. Should you hear from him, tell him I said hello.

    Liked by 1 person

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